Welcome to the Planet Aviary blog

We’ve have got some exciting times ahead planned for all you bird keepers, breeders and enthusiasts. With the launch of our Planet Aviary web site you can now access a free resource containing plenty of up to date information on the Gouldian finch, covering all the things you need to know from housing to breeding and healthcare. But the fun doesn’t stop there…

With our blog now active we aim to bring you posts that will take a look into the world of bird keeping. Whether it be someone’s garden set up or someone’s bird room, we will be reporting back to you on what people are keeping, how they are housing, and what they are breeding. And if we’re really lucky we might be able to squeeze a few secrets out of established breeders to share with you! By divulging and sharing knowledge we hope to help others recreate the right conditions for success with various species of birds. Our blog will however be focusing on more than just what goes in people’s gardens and bird rooms. We will also be looking at bird keeping itself and reporting back to you on which new developments are helping improve our much loved hobby. Here at Planet Aviary we believe that the better we can mimic wild conditions for our birds, then the better the success we will have with our birds. With this in mind our blog will be paying special attention to any new developments in the bird keeping world that help us recreate natural and wild conditions.

Planet Aviary is currently working hard to bring about some changes in birds diets that will improve the nutritional quality of available seed mixes and at the same time mimic the wild conditions of the Gouldian finch and other Australian finches. We will also keep you up to date on the upcoming launch of our store. Although no date has yet been set, we hope to bring you the online Planet Aviary store in July 2016. We have a few exciting announcements to make that will co-inside with the stores launch. I don’t want to give too much away just yet but I will say that one of our surprises will include making certain seeds available for the first time in Europe from our store. We will share more on this soon so stay tuned and follow our blog posts to find out more.

Paul Bancroft