Planet Aviary Waxbill Savannah Dry Season Seed Mixture

For Waxbill Finches.

What is it?

Our Waxbill Savannah Dry Season Seed Mixture has been formulated as a highly specialised seed mixture with the purpose of re-creating the nutritional requirements of Waxbills during the tough dry Summer months, when food becomes scarce. Over half of the seed mixture is made up of the highest quality cocksfoot (Knaulgras) grass seed, which is much lower in protein and fats when compared to that of millets and panicum’s. This makes this seed mixture ideal for use as an Austerity diet, to help your birds get trim and fit. This seed mixture has been specifically formulated to mimic the dry season in the wild.

When do I feed it?

Offer your Waxbill Savannah Dry-Season Seed Mixture daily during the resting season/phase of the bird’s life-cycle. The resting phase begins after the breeding and moulting stages of their life-cycle has been completed.

The seed mixture has been designed especially to mimic the dry season, therefore we recommend to limit offering additional supplements to your birds when being fed this seed mixture, and offer no live food during this time; this is to get the maximum benefit of trimming down the body fat on your birds and keeping them fit for the next breeding season.

We recommend that during the final 4- week period on the Savannah dry season seed mix and before you begin to condition your birds to breed, that no supplements are offered, this includes veg, greens, egg food, dry mix or other supplements. Only this seed mixture should be on offer to the waxbills during this time. Though probiotics may be offered in the drinking water 2-3 times a week and some grit provided.


Cocksfoot (Knaulgras), Yellow Panicum, Yellow Millet, Red Panicum, Canary Grass Seed, Japanese Millet & Aniseed.

This seed mixture is extremely voluminous and light-weight. So much so that we have to use 20kg sacks to pack our 12kg sack of this mix, this  is because of the super light weight of cocksfoot grass seed.


Available Sizes:

Waxbill Savannah Dry Season Seed Mixture is available in 4kg bags or 12kg.


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4kg, 12kg




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