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Introducinig our latest seed – Planet Aviary Waxbill Monsoon Season Breeding Seed Mixture.

For Waxbill Finches.

After having great success using this seed mixture during our 2022 breeding season, espcially with the notoriously difficult Black Cheeked Waxbills, we have now made this mix comerciallly available.

What is it?

Our Waxbill Monsoon Season Breeding Seed Mixture has been formulated as a highly specialised seed mixture for breeding Waxbills. During the African Monsoon Season vegetation begins to flourish as the rains arrive and with it comes an increase in the quality of available nutrition including a higher level of protein becoming abundant. This mix contains a high ratio of Japanese Millet which is one of the richest protein seeds, second only to canary seed (which is also included in this mix) but much preferred by waxbills due to its small size, ease to de-husk and the taste.

This seed mixture has been specifically formulated to mimic the Wet season in the wild and help bring birds into breeding condition.

When do I feed it?

Offer your Waxbill Monsoon Breeding-Season Seed Mixture daily from 6 weeks before you pair your birds for breeding and continue feeding throughout the breeding season until it has finished.

During this time, we also recommend feeding other supplements which Waxbills relish including insects, egg-food, sprouted seeds, fresh millet, and shell / oyster-shell.

Ingredients: Japanese Millet, Canary Seed, White Pearl Millet, Yellow Mohair Seed, Red Foxtail Seed, Black/Green Mohair Seed, Yellow Panicum, Red Panicum, Cocksfoot Grass Seed & Red Millet

Available Sizes:

Waxbill Monsoon Breeding Season Seed Mixture is available in 5kg bags or 15kg.


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5kg, 15kg

2 reviews for Waxbill Monsoon Season Breeding Mix

  1. Mike Gunnell (verified owner)

    The new Monsoon Waxbill mix, as expected, is eaten with relish by my Violet-eareds another excellent product from a well organised professional supplier.

  2. David (verified owner)

    Excellent quality seed, no waste. Really fast delivery

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