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Planet Aviary Waxbill Finch Finest Seed Mixture.

For Waxbill Finches.

What is it?

Waxbill Finch Finest Seed Mixture has been formulated as a specialised standard seed mixture for Waxbill Finches. The Mixture contains a higher amount of grass seeds than many of the other seed mixtures available on the market today. With the majority of Finches being”Grass Seed Eating birds” in the their natural environment, we feel that it is important to mimic bird’s natural conditions of food availability as closely as possible for the best results, and more importantly for happier and healthier birds. Waxbill Finches have a broad and varied dietary pallet, it is recommended to offer them fresh greens & Veg, some fruits and grit, oyster-shell, dried herbs, egg-food and other supplements to meet their dietary requirements.

When do I feed it?

Offer Waxbill Finch Finest Seed Mixture daily and throughout the year; along with other supplements depending on your waxbill species requirements. Waxbills require a higher amount of protein when raising young, this requirement is often met by frozen pinkies, wax-worms & live foods.


Cocksfoot (Knaulgras) & White Grass Seed, Red Panicum, Yellow Panicum, White Millet, Canary Grass Seed, Panicum Millet, Japanese Millet & Red Millet.

Available Sizes:

Waxbill Finest Seed Mixture is available in 5kg bags or 15kg sacks. (x3 5kg bags).

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5kg, 15kg

15 reviews for Waxbill Finest Seed Mixture

  1. Andy Chaney

    Great product

  2. Jamie bricklebank

    A great seed mix, my strawberry waxbill love this as do many of my Australian species.

  3. Andrew barmby (verified owner)

    A great mix for waxbills all my birds love it and no leftovers .and had great breeding results using it
    It takes the all the messing about buying seperate seeds yourself and mixing it .

  4. Stephen Shackcloth (verified owner)

    My birds love it

  5. Michelle Dickinson (verified owner)

    Fantastic mix and noticed a difference in birds overall health and fitness. I use it regular now. Won’t go back to others I’ve used. This is a wonderful product also use other products.

  6. Graham Pybus

    Bought my first two pairs of waxbills last month. Put birds straight onto planet aviary waxbill mix. The birds love it and look tremendous. It’s not the cheapest, but you know the saying, “you get what you pay for”. This is a well thought out mix.

  7. Eric Michie (verified owner)

    Only been using for a short while now and bird’s love it will definitely be using regularly great mix.

  8. Barbara Hicks (verified owner)

    Excellent mixture, no waste and all our birds love it, even have some chicks in Nov/Dec, will not change it for anything.

  9. Barbara Hicks (verified owner)

    All the birds love this, had several lots of chicks despite the cold weather, wouldn’t change it for the world.

  10. Malcolm Thornton (verified owner)

    As always you can rely on Plant Aviaries to look after your birds

  11. Shaun Little (verified owner)

    Great seed mix. Ideal for smaller waxbills.

  12. Steven Connor (verified owner)

    Honestly noticed such a huge difference in my birds, the seed I had them on was definitely not doing it job, and always had so much wastage, this may cost more for less kgs, but there is no wastage. Which if your keeping birds as hobby is extremely important to listen to what the birds are telling you! Will order again. Fantastic service was given also. Ordered to NI, postage was fair and no overpriced. All very important factors to take on board when ordering. Excellent company. Highly recommend you try this if you’re keeping waxbills. They will thank you for it.

  13. Shaun Little (verified owner)

    Top Quality seed.

  14. Mike Gunnell (verified owner)

    An essential seed mix to provide your waxbills with the nutrition they need. Once again Planet Avairy lead the way on quality seed mixes that give waxbills the food they need to remain healthy and fit to breed

  15. Alan Brown (verified owner)

    A fantastic seed mix for all waxbills. We only use all Pauls specialist seed mixes for all our birds.

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