Slaats Eggfood Plus is formulated in Holland and a very popular Eggfood throughout European Countries. Slaats Eggfood Plus is ideal for conditioning of canaries, parakeets, Tropical & Foreign birds and domesticated european birds. This eggfood is prepared with fresh eggs and vegetables. Contains proteins, vitamins, minerals and other natural Ingredients, that are vital to stimulate breeding, moulting and plumage. This eggfood can be fed dry, or add a few drops of water to moisten. Feed fresh daily throughout the moulting and breeding periods.


  • Bakery products,
  • egg products,
  • seeds,
  • cereal,
  • sugar,
  • vegetables,
  • minerals and vitamins.
Analytical constituents:

Crude protein16%
Crude fat5.2%
Crude fiber0.5%
Crude ash5.6%
Amino acids:
Lysine1.150 mg / kg
Methionine500 mg / kg
Threonine3.475 mg / kg
Tryptophane1.320 mg / kg

Vitamins:Minerals / Trace Elements:
Vitamin A19,500 IU / kgCalcium (Ca)0.90%
Vitamin D32,000 IU / kgPhosphorus (P)0.40%
Vitamin E25,00 mg / kgPotassium (K)0.45%
Vitamin K32.50 mg / kgSodium (Na)0.50%
Vitamin B115,00 mg / kgChlorine (Cl)0.45%
Vitamin B240,00 mg / kgMagnesium (Mg)125 mg / kg
Vitamin B350,00 mg / kgIron (Fe)29 mg / kg
Choline505.00 mg / kgCopper (Cu)5 mg / kg
Niacin (B5)110.00 mg / kgManganese (Mn)80 mg / kg
Vitamin B61,90 mg / kgZinc (Zn)58 mg / kg
Folic Acid (B11)7.00 mg / kgIodine (l)1.20 mg / kg
Vitamin B120.08 mg / kgSelenium (Se)1.05 mg / kg
Vitamin C4.00 mg / kgCobalt (Co)1.80 mg / kg
Biotin (H)0.38 mg / kg


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