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For Siberian Goldfinches & European Goldfinches.

What is it?

Planet Aviary Siberian Goldfinch Summer Breeding Mix is a highly specialised seed mixture best suited for birds during the breeding & moulting phases of their life-cycle, but can be used as a regular mix offered throughout the year. The mixture has high ratios of the all important “White Perilla” seed, which is rich in Omega 3 and a potent antioxidant. White Perilla is one of 17 different seed types in this mix. Also included in the mixture are the Goldfinch favourites; White Lettuce Seed, Chicory Seed, & the important thistles seeds.

When Do I feed It?

This Seed mixture can be fed all year round, however, the seed mix has been formulated to create a highly nutritional diet designed for the breeding of Siberian Goldfinches.  The seed mixture is  also well suited to be fed during the moulting period. Look out for our Winter Mix, which we will soon introduce for the non-breeding season.

Ingredients: White Perilla, Niger, Canary Seed, Hemp, Marie Thistle, Linseed, Yellow Millet, Groats, Chicory, Blue Maw, Red Millet, White Lettuce, Evening Primrose, Gold of Pleasure, Small Black Sunflower, Cocksfoot & Ryegrass.

Available Sizes:

Siberian Goldfinch Summer Breeding Seed Mixture is available in 5kg bags or 20kg sacks.

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5kg, 20kg

1 review for Siberian Goldfinch Summer Breeding Seed Mix

  1. Katie Leatherbarrow (verified owner)

    Excellent seed good quality and the birds enjoy it too

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