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Parrotfinch Resting Seed Mixture

For Parrotfinches and other tropical/exotic finches.

What is it?

This Resting Seed Mixture has been specially formulated for Parrotfinches. With many varieties of Parrotfinch prone to putting on weight easily, it is important for the parrotfinch to be kept on a low-fat diet when they are not in the breeding stage of their lifecycle. By keeping your birds trim on our Parrotfinch Resting Seed Mixture, they will be in tip-top condition when it is time to begin the breeding season. This seed mixture provides a high percent of palatable Cocksfoot grass seed, which is very low in fat. The mixture is also made up with palatable millets and panicum, & contains zero oily seeds that are often rich in fatty acids and can be a contributing cause of overweight birds.

When do I feed it?

Our Parrotfinch Resting seed mixture has be designed to be fed when your birds are not breeding. It can also be fed during the moulting phase of the bird’s lifecycle but we recommend offering additional supplements daily to ease them through the moult.

During the resting diet period, additional supplements when using this seed mixture should be offered sparingly, and only limited amounts.


Yellow Millet, White Millet, Yellow Panicum, Canary Seed, Ryegrass Seed, Cocksfoot (Knaulgas), Japanese Millet.

Available Sizes:

Parrotfinch Resting Seed Mixture is available in 5kg bags or 15kg (x3 5kg bags). 20kg bags will be available before the end of 2018.

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5kg, 15kg

1 review for Parrotfinch Resting Seed Mixture

  1. Daniel Hogan (verified owner)

    Great clean seed. Parrot finches seem to love it.

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