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Planet Aviary Neophema Taylor’s Summer Mix.

Formulated specially for Neophemas by dedicatated breeder Robert Taylor.

What is it?

This is a highly specialised seed mixture formulated to create a well balnced diet for Neophema during the warmer Summer months. During the breeding period supplements in the form of grit/oystershell for laying hens calcium store is also important as well as Eggfood and greens that can provide ettra protein and nutrients.

When do I feed it?

Neophema Summer mix can be fed during the Spring and Summer months. For breeding begin conditioning birds 6 weeks prior to pairing and introducing nest boxes.


Canary Seed, White Millet, Yellow Millet, Red Millet, Japanese Millet, Wild Seeds, Linseed, Niger Seed & Hemp Seed.

Available Sizes:

5kg or 20kg sacks.

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5kg, 20kg

2 reviews for Neophema, Taylor’s Summer Mix

  1. Peter Ardron (verified owner)

    I’ve kept Neophemas for over thirty years and have seen a variety of different mixes. My preferred mix until now has been Versele Laga. This is much superior. I have found that the birds didn’t take kindly to the change. They barely touched it at first but, after mixing it at first with their usual mix they have now come to prefer it. We all have our own views on the subject of how much sunflower seed to give them. There is none in this mix. I’m sure I’ll annoy Robert Taylor by saying that I have added a few small sunflowers to give the birds that extra protein/fat boost.

  2. Aviary : 89 (verified owner)

    Ive very much enjoyed seeing the birds take to this more specialised blend how they have. There’s been very little waste whilst changing to this brand, and the birds now eat a greater range of seeds rather than just picking out the larger, fattier ones such as sunflower and safflower. Although, like the above review, I shall add some back into the mix for the winter months.

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