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Natrually For Birds Complete Supplement & Egg Blend For All Species. (1kg)

We’ve teamed up with Naturally For Birds to bring you a ready to use, straight out the packet, egg food blend. What makes this egg food one of the most diverse and all encompassing egg foods on the market today, is the inclusion of Naturally For Birds “Prima” (Contains all the nutrients available to wild birds) and “Micro-nutrients” (contains all the nutrients required by birds in trace amounts). With Prima and Micro-nutrients included in the ingredients, the egg blend contains everyting essential and beneficial to your birds, making it a complete food supplement.

Some of the benefits of feeding nutrition that contians both Prima and Micro-Nutrients include:

  • Natural Probiotics
  • Natural Antibiotic properites
  • Increased Fertility
  • Reduced Dead In Shell
  • Increased Clutch Size
  • Higher Survival rate of chicks
  • Parasite Inhibitor
  • Minimises Egg Binding
  • Naturally Combats Coccidia, E.Coli, Salmonella, Avian Flu
  • Rich in Carotenoids, enhanced feather colour
  • Immune Builders

How to use:

This supplement can be fed straight from the packct in finger drawers, or in a dish. Sprouted seeds can also be added.

Ingredients include: soymeal, oil, bakery products, sugar, peameal, whole egg, coconut flour, wheatgerm, cereals, flax meal, fish oil, seaweed, spirulina, garlic, onion, beetroot, tomato, brewers yeast, a balance of mineral mix, multi-vitamins, plus a combination of 13 naturally dried herbs and flowers.

Analysis: Crude Protien 15.2%, Crude Fat 10.3%, Crude Fibre 6.5%, Ash 3.5%

For personal recipies, home made egg foods and supplements, sprouting seed and other freshly made mixes; we reccomend using “Prima” and  “Micro-Nutrients” separatley to create the perfect balance that works for you and your birds.

Store in a cool dry place.

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Weight1 kg

4 reviews for Complete Supplement & Egg Blend (For All Species) 1KG

  1. Martin L (verified owner)

    Checkout the ingredients! One of the best available.
    Excellent egg blend my birds love it.

  2. Karen Woodcock (verified owner)

    Ver good product my husband was so pleased with it he ordered more. Has good shelf life too. Postage was very quick and arrived next day. Would highly reccomend.

  3. Martin L (verified owner)

    Fantastic stuff, great results, Gouldian’s love it and Bengalese too.

  4. Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed amin (verified owner)

    At first i thought my finches hated this egg blend but it was just about matter of time and encouraging them to eat it.
    Now they love it stays ok and healthy for longer time compared to the other egg blends.
    Highly recommended

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