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Our Livefood culture pod is the first of it’s kind. With over 2 years of designing and testing the pod is now finally available.

The culture pod is designed for the use of fruit flies within the bird’s enclosure (aviary or cage). The way it works is simple but effctive. The bird lands on the pod which creates a gentle swaying motion, which in turn disturbs the fruit flies which crawl and fly in and around of the top of the protective gauze. The birds then pick off the fruit flies one by one. This means that your birds can dispense their livefood under their own power, no more need to go into your flights and cages to disturb the fruit fly bucket/bowl with a kick or a tap. This reduces the stress on the birds and also means any incubating parent parent bird will also not be disturbed as you no longer need to enter their enclosure several times a day. The protective gauze will also prevent the birds grubbing directly onto the culture itself, thus protecting them from picking up mould and the high numbers of bacteria that reside within the culture itself. A win for you and for your birds!

It is reccommended to top up the culture every couple of days with 10-20mls of water depending on the outside temperature. It is also recommended to change the culture to a fresh one every week to 10 days. Having another culutre pod on the go at the same time that you can swap weekly will give the cultures a chance to replenish itself and recover. We recommend one culture pod per breding pair of birds. so if you have 3 pairs in an encloser that are breeding, 3 pods would be best. The pods are dish washer safe and easy to open by simply pinching the pivots as you pull the gauze up through each pivot in turn. Simply reverse the process to re-seal the gauze on the pod.

  • Very Hygenic
  • No More grubbing in the mouldy dirt 
  • No More Need to enter the Aviary/cage
  • No more need to kick the bucket
  • No More Stress for your birds 
  • Your birds can self dispense the livefood
  • Reduced stress and more access to Livefood will increase breeding success
  • Saves time and Easy to use and clean.

The Pods are made of plastic and are 5.5cm deep (top to bottom) 14cm Diameter and are either a white colour or White/Silver. The Culture pod includes:

1x Pod Base

1x Pod Gauze

3x Pod Pivots

4 x plastic hook lengths.(1 for each pivot and 1 to hang the pod to the cage hook or any type of chain that you use to create the preffered hanging height in your aviary).

2x Round Plastic Circles (1 to use and one spare)

1 x Self adhesive hook for sticking to your cage celing. (For aviaries we recommened using screw hooks)

Note we do not provide any chains or plant chains for these livefood pods. Although we considered it, all avaires are made differently and there would be no one size chain fits all. So we recommend purchasing your own hanging plant chain from your lcoal DIY store and cutting to the desired length. Or using some robust string.

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