Gouldian & Australian Finch Maintenance Mixture

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Planet Aviary Gouldian & Australian Finch Maintenance Mixture.

For Gouldian Finches and other medium to large size Australian Finches.

What is it?

This is a highly specialised seed mixture formulated to mimic the seasonal availability of foods for the Gouldian Finch and other Australian Finches that are native to the Northern-Belt of Australia. The Maintenance Seed Mixture represents when food is neither abundant or scarce during the middle of the dry season in the wild.

Contains Silk Sorghum & Signal Grass. Now available through Planet Aviary for the first time in Europe. Wild Sorghum grass seed varieties are the main part of the wild Gouldian finches staple diet.

When do you feed it?

Begin feeding the Maintenance Seed mixture once your birds have finished molting and ended the 6 weeks of Breeding diet that sees them through the molt. The Maintenance Seed Mixture is fed for a 3 month period. It is recommended that during the 3 month Maintenance period other supplements (fresh greens, egg-food, grit, oystershell etc) should only be offered 2-3 times a week, and just once a week during the final month of the Maintenance diet. Once the 3 month Maintenance period is over, the Austerity Diet begins.

(Please click here here for further information on Gouldian Finch Diet).  


Red Panicum, White Millet, Canary Seed, Silk Sorghum, Japanese Millet, Yellow Panicum, Ryegrass Seed, Yellow Millet & Signal Grass.

Available Sizes:

Gouldian and Australian Finch Breeding Seed Mixture is available in 5kg bags or 15kg (x3 5kg bags). We hope to be able to offer the full sized 15kg bag during 2017.

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