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Planet Aviary Gouldian & Australian Finch Breeding Seed Mixture.

For Gouldian Finches and other medium to large size Australian Finches.

What is it?

This is a highly specialised seed mixture formulated to mimic the seasonal availability of foods for the Gouldian Finch and other Australian Finches that are native to the Northern-Belt of Australia. The Breeding Seed Mixture represents the conditions in the wild after the wet season has begun and food has become varied, highly nutritional and abundant. We feed this seed to our Gouldian Finches.

Contains Silk Sorghum, Signal Grass and Phalaris. Now available through Planet Aviary for the first time in Europe. Wild Sorghum grass seed varieties are the main part of the wild Gouldian finches staple diet.

When do I feed it?

Begin feeding the The Breeding seed Mixture once the Austerity seed diet has ended.  After 6 weeks of being fed The Breeding Seed mixture your birds are ready for pairing and breeding, continue to feed the breeding seed mixture for the rest of the duration of the breeding season (A further four and a half to five months). During the the breeding diet it is recommended to offer your birds other supplements and foods daily, including egg-food, oystershell/grit and fresh veg & greens.

Switch to an Austerity diet for two weeks once your breeding is over, this will help to induce the molt for your birds. After this 2 week period is complete return the birds back to the full breeding diet for 6 weeks to assist their nutritional requirements from the demands that molting has upon their bodies. After this 6 week period is over and your birds have molting into their new vibrant plumage, move them onto the Gouldian & Australian Maintenance Seed Mixture.

(Please click here for further information on Gouldian Finch Diet).


Canary Seed, Red Panicum, White Millet, Silk Sorghum, Japanese Millet, Yellow Panicum, Ryegrass Seed, Yellow Millet, Signal Grass, Pinhead Oatmeal, Phalaris, Hemp Seed, White Lettuce, Black Lettuce & Cocksfoot Grass seed (Knaulgras).

Available Sizes:

Gouldian and Australian Finch Breeding Seed Mixture is available in 5kg bags or 20kg sacks.

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5kg, 20kg

28 reviews for Gouldian & Australian Finch Breeding Mixture

  1. Cj Curry (verified owner)

    Amazing product and fantastic service. My Gouldians’s love this!

  2. Cj Curry (verified owner)

    Amazing product and fantastic service with fast delivery. My Gouldians’s love this!

  3. Eric Michie (verified owner)

    Great product all my Gouldians and other Australian bird’s love it would highly recommend

  4. Donna Coleman-Prayter (verified owner)

    My Gouldian’s love seed mix, Really great customer service, and fast delivery

  5. Gavin Degg (verified owner)

    Fantastic breeding seed mix. All of my Gouldians love it as do my Star finches. Buy it! You won’t regret it!

  6. Stewart Carruthers (verified owner)

    Excellent product – courier service could be cheaper

  7. David Law (verified owner)

    I have have great result using this , Gouldians love it !!

  8. Martin L (verified owner)

    Very clean and an excellent quality seed mixture!
    No waste. My Gouldians love this mixture and Bengalese too.

  9. Andy Graves (verified owner)

    Great product and fantastic service my bird love it

  10. Martin L (verified owner)

    As per my previous review.

    Results were incredible last year and so far so good this year.
    Follow Planet Aviary’s austerity plan, then sit back and what it happen….
    Again, fantastic service. Ordered early Thursday arrived Friday

  11. Andy Graves (verified owner)

    Great product and excellent quality my birds love I would highly recommend planet Aviary for excellent products and excellent service

  12. Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed amin (verified owner)

    I have been using this seed mixture for a year now for my breeding pairs and it’s absolutely amazing,
    My breeding bgouldians love it.

  13. darren forsdike (verified owner)

    Gouldians love this , very good quality Seed!

  14. Andy Graves (verified owner)

    Great product my gouldians and heck finches love I would highly recommend all gouldian seeds from planet Aviary

  15. Peter Ardron (verified owner)

    A superb mix which is loved by all my Australian finches. Highly recommended

  16. tonygtturbo15 (verified owner)

    Great product birds love it ,no waste and very clean.
    My go to seed.

  17. Karen Kestle (verified owner)

    Since feeding my gouldians the breeding food , my breeding success has increased and my birds love it.

  18. jack levitt (verified owner)

    The ultimate breeding mixture, clean excellent mix, gouldings love it.

  19. Suzanne Chapman (verified owner)

    Found this food by accident. So glad I did! I keep gouldian finches and diamond doves so they have a similar diet. Spending a fortune on X3 different mixes to provide the best diet. This food is excellent quality and has everything they need in it. Definitely my go to food in future.

  20. glynnwoollam158 (verified owner)

    Faultless service excellent products

  21. jacksonkevin744 (verified owner)

    top quality seed very clean birds love it ,service is second to none recommend it to everyone

  22. Sara Egan (verified owner)

    You can be confident using this that your birds have the best mix.

  23. steven.graves1 (verified owner)

    A clear difference in the health and breeding since I have been using this. The support, service and seed is quality

  24. trevorcass (verified owner)

    excellant service,gouldians love the breeding mix

  25. Sara Egan (verified owner)

    My birds love it and they look tip top

  26. jacksonkevin744 (verified owner)

    brilliant Gouldians love it

  27. grantcaroline28 (verified owner)

    I used to have gouldians so I bought this product. , but now I still buy it as my rosie bourke parakeets absolutely love it its thier favourite so I buy it for them now and alternate with there parakeet seed.. It keeps them in great condition and there’s no waste.. service from planet Aviary is great with good communication and fast delivery

  28. jacksonkevin744 (verified owner)

    brilliant product birds love it and very clean mix

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