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Planet Aviary Gouldian & Australian Finch Seed Mixture.

For Gouldian Finches and other medium to large size Australian Finches.

What is it?

This is a highly specialised seed mixture formulated to mimic the seasonal availability of foods for the Gouldian Finch and other Australian Finches that are native to the Northern-Belt of Australia. The Austerity Seed Mixture represents the wild conditions toward the end of the dry season when food sources are scarce. We feed this seed mixture to our Gouldian finches.

When do I feed it?

The Austerity Seed Mixture should be fed for 1 month before the breeding season starts. No other supplements, Grits, or foods should be fed during this 1 month period. Only the Austerity Seed Mixture. This will have a physiological effect on the bird’s bodies by shrinking their sexual organs and giving their bodies a rest. The Austerity diet works like a reset switch that prepares the birds bodies to become harmonised and in Sync once the Austerity diet ends and the Breeding diet begins. Breeding results are improved when your birds are in hormonal balance with one another.

The Austerity diet can also be fed for a two week period at the end of the breeding season. Once the nest boxes are removed coupled with this sudden change in diet it will trigger the molt, keeping all your birds at the same stage of their life-cycle. After this 2 week period is complete return the birds back to the full breeding diet to assist their nutritional requirements from the demands that molting has upon their bodies.

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White Millet, Cocksfoot (Knaulgras) & Ryegrass Seed.

Available Sizes:

Gouldian and Australian Finch Austerity Seed Mixture is available in 5kg bags or 15kg  sacks.

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5kg, 15kg

5 reviews for Gouldian & Australian Finch Austerity Mixture

  1. Adrian Walls (verified owner)

    Great clean seed all my goukdians are readily eating this just prior to the breeding season

  2. darren forsdike (verified owner)

    Very good quality Seed!

  3. Andy Graves (verified owner)

    Very good product to bring birds into breeding condition I would highly recommend planet Aviary

  4. jack levitt (verified owner)

    Highly recommended if following the 3 steps to breeding.

  5. Sara Egan (verified owner)

    Great for the Gouldian yearly diet

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