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Germix Bullfinch & Cardinals is a mixture of sprouted seeds specially designed for bullfinches, crossbills, Grosbeaks, finches, greenfinches,… 

The use of GERMIX allows the breeder to safely administer germinated seeds to his birds by eliminating the waiting time for the preparation of the products and by eliminating the risk of disease. And this preserves the nutritional properties of fresh sprouted seeds.

The seeds can be eaten immediately or can be rehydrated.

Composition :

Safflower, buckwheat, black sunflower, Niger, hemp, white millet, oats, panis, rape.

How to use it:

Mix 2 servings of Germix with one portion of water (2:1 ratio) and let stand for 10min. Finally, give as it is to your birds or mix it with your softfood.

Germix can also be used without being rehydrated.

During breeding: Every day.

During the year: twice a week.


After opening the package, fill carefully and store in a cool, dry place away from the sun’s rays.

If you administer the Wet Germix it should be removed after 12 hours of preparation.


Germix technology has finally materialized in a modern industrial production plant which, with extremely high quality standards, will be able to satisfy the growing demand for the product.

The plant has a computerized control system for modulating the germination and drying of the sprouts. The air flow that reaches the sprouts is filtered through two high efficiency filters which allow to eliminate any particulate and / or pollutant. The circulating air is constantly monitored through a continuous control of humidity and temperature. Furthermore, the circulating air is ozonated in order to avoid any fungal and bacterial contamination.

The production chambers are sterilized and sanitized at each production process. all production batches are analyzed and certified for microbiological quality.

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