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    • Planet Aviary Extra Fine & Dry Eggfood has been formulated to be fed to your birds as a dry eggfood. The Eggfood is milled to an extra fine consistancy, making it ideal for Tropical, Foreign & European finches. The Eggfood itself is manufactered using eggs from FREE-RANGE U.K hens only, and contains no added sugars, colourings/dyes or bakery products. Milled seeds are combined with dried whole egg to form the bulk of this recipie.
  • Contains pro-biotics & prebiotics for health & immune support.
  • Contains seaweed (Good source of amino acids & B12 Vitamin). 
  • No added sugars.
  • No added colourings or yellow dye.
  • No bakery products 
  • Eggs from free-range hens. 
  • Contains naturally sourced honey.  

Feeding Instructions:  During the breeding season offer 1/3 to 1/2 a tea spoon daily to breeding pairs in finger drawers. Pairs with chicks may require a higher amount. Can also be mixed with herbs or other supplements with a similar consistancy. During non-breeding season offer no more than 2-3 times a week. Avoid mixing with water or damping down. Must be stored in a cool dry place away from moisture.

Ingredients: Milled Seeds (Including Millets, Oats, Canary Seed, Linseed & Nyger Seed), Whole Egg, Seaweed, Honey, Pro-biotics & Pre-biotics.

Suitable for Australain finches, African finches & European finches.

Analysis: Crude Protein 15.1%, Crude Fat 8.2%, Crude Fibre 7.2%, Ash 4.2%.


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