Coconut Fibre (White Colour)

£2.50 – £40.00

Coconut Fibre is perhaps the most common and favoured nesting material used by many species of finches and other birds to build/line nests with. We have had great success using this material for our Gouldian Finches, Star Finches, Owl Finches, Zebra Finches and many of our Waxbill Finches over the years.

The weight of each Bundle size can vary between approximatley 260g – 350g. Each bundle of long coconut fibre strands is supplied neatly tied together.

We are happy to offer a discount on larger orders:

x1 = £2.20 per bundle

x5 = £2 per  bundle

x10 = £1.75 per bundle

x20 = £1.50 per bundle

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x1 bundle, x5 bundles, x10 bundles, x20 bundles


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