Cockatiel & Lovebird Seed Mixture

For Cockatiels, Lovebirds, and other big Parakeets.

What is it?

This is a specialised seed mixture formulated especially for Cockatiel, Lovebirds and other parakeet species.

This mix boasts 11 different seed ingredients, including the highly palatable sunflower seed. Striped sunflower only makes up 5% of this mix as this is a fatty seed which must not be overfed in order to keep your birds fit and healthy, espcially in the warmer months.

When do I feed it?

Our Parakeet Cockatiel & Lovebird Variety Seed Mixture has been formulated to be fed all year round as a staple diet that should be supplemented with fresh greens, veg, and fresh/dried fruit for your birds.

Ingredients: White Millet, Yellow Millet, Canary Seed, Red millet, Groats, Striped Sunflower, Wheat, Hemp, Buckwheat Niger Seed & Safflower.

Available Sizes:

Parakeet Cockatiel & Lovebird Variety Seed Mixture is available in 5kg bags or 20kg sacks.

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5kg, 20kg


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