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Planet Aviary Canary Breeding Seed Mixture.

For Canaries.

What is it?

A canary breeding seed mixture that has been formulated for breeding Canaries. Note that Canaries have a broad dietary pallet and should be offered fresh veg, greens, fruit, grit, egg-food and other supplements, all are a welcome addition to their diet.

When do I feed it?

Begin feeding Canary Breeding Seed Mixture 6 weeks prior to the breeding season and throughout the breeding phase of their life-cycle.


Canary Seed, Niger Seed, Linseed, Wild Seeds, Black Rape Seed, Hemp Seed & Naked Oats.

Available Sizes:

Canary Breeding Seed Mixture is available in 5kg bags or 15kg (x3 5kg bags). We hope to be able to offer the full sized 15kg bag during 2017.

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5kg, 15kg

2 reviews for Canary Breeding Seed Mixture

  1. Jarosław Kreft (verified owner)

    Thank you. I used it last year and will use breeding seed mixture for next breeding season. Thanks for quick delivery too🐦

  2. kannahaukka66 (verified owner)

    First time trying this product but looks very good, the canaries make less mess flicking out seed so that shows it’s about right. First chicks hatching so it’s proving it’s worth. Quick delivery which is much appreciated.

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