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Planet Aviary Bullfinch All Seasons Seed Mixture.

For Bullfinches.

What is it?

This is a highly specialised seed mixture formulated especially for the Bullfinches. With 25 different seed varieties, this Planet Aviary seed mixture boasts seeds such as Milk Thistle, which supports liver health, White Perilla; rich in Omega 3 & contains potent antioxidants, & the all-important Rowan Berries which is rich in Vitamin C & contains powerful antioxidants that help promote healthy immune support for your birds.

When do I feed it?

This All Seasons Seed Mixture has been formulated to be fed all year round as a staple diet that can be supplemented with extra protein/live food-based supplements during the breeding and moulting periods.


Canary Seed, Planet Aviary Wild Seeds, ( Yellow Millet, Black Rape Seed, Linseed, Clover Seed, Radish Seed, Carrot Seed, Sweet Turnip, Spinach Seed, Ryegrass Seed, Red Millet, Cocksfoot Grass Seed, Slender Fescue Grass Seed), Linseed, Hemp, Black Rape Seed, Peeled Oats/Groats, Buckwheat, Red Millet, Safflower, Niger Seed, Marie Thistle, Chicory, White Perilla, Black Sunflower, , Rowan Berries, Black Lettuce & Sesame.


Available Sizes:

Bullfinch All Seasons Seed Mixture is available in 5kg bags or 20kg sacks.

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5kg, 20kg

10 reviews for Bullfinch All Seasons Seed Mixture

  1. darren mason (verified owner)

    1st class seed 1st class service

  2. Mark Smith (verified owner)

    Outstanding mix of seed and you can see the difference in the birds. Fantastic service and seed always arrives well packaged. 100% recomendation.

  3. Colin Pellowe (verified owner)

    Great looking bullfinch mix with plenty of dried rowan berries in. Excellent delivery time.

  4. Lee Stephenson (verified owner)

    First class and service and good quality seed and speedy delivery

  5. FRED WATSON (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with the product, birds are loving it and the delivery service was excellent. I will definitely be ordering again, kind regards Fred

  6. Lee Stephenson (verified owner)

    Fantastic to deal with first class service

  7. Stephen Woodings (verified owner)

    Very good

  8. Guy Marshall (verified owner)

    Good mix birds love it great service too

  9. richard.s.davies (verified owner)

    Great mix birds are looking great on it. There is plenty of dried rowan berries will definitely be ordering again.

  10. Mark Smith (verified owner)

    The best Bullfinch mix around, the birds love it. Brilliant company to deal with.

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