Introducing LumenIZE Jungle-Dawn LED Bar. The worlds first LED smart lighting with built in Automatic programmable Sunrise & Sunset dimming effect for birds and reptiles.

Available in 5 different sizes, the LumenIZE Jungle Dawn LED Bar range is the worlds first ever app-controlled dimmable LED bar. Available in a variety of different sizes, the LumenIZE Jungle Dawn LED Bar is energy efficient pioneering lighting to help recreate natural progressions of available lighting for your birds. Manufactured by Arcadia, the LumenIZE is part of a well-established and trusted brand of Bird & Reptile specific products. Known all over the world, the Jungle Dawn LED Bar range provides smooth energy, with its wild simulation of Dawn until Dusk cycles. You can rely on the LumenIZE Jungle Dawn LED bar to provide unparalleled results, brightening your cages and aviary. Simply download the app, plug in your lighting kit and set your time cycles. These lights can be linked in a daisy chain of up to 10 lights per socket.

Key Features

  • App-controlled dimmable LED Smart bar which allows you full control from your phone or tablet. Can run up to 50 lights per device.
  • Easy to programme your own sunrise & sunset times to suit specific bird species needs.
  • The app can save multiple programmes to run different daylight hours, or light intensity, for accurate mimicking of seasonal variations in light availability.
  • Bluetooth enabled, compatible with the free and easy-to-use LumenIZE app.
  • No WIFI or internet needed for light function or control.
  • IP65 water resistance protects against splashes.
  • Reduces energy spend by 30% compared to fixed voltage options.
  •  Available in five different sizes & wattages, 29cm (18w), 47cm (24w), 58cm (39w), 87cm (54w), & 124cm (80w).
  • Can be linked in a daisy chain to other LumenIZE Prot5 or Jungledawn lights (up to 10 per link).
  • Battery back up in case of power cut that keeps internal timer and memory running for several hours.
  • No more need for a separate power unit or separate dimmer units. Simply plug in and control from the app.

When it comes to lighting our enclosures, the available light intensity can often be overlooked, as can sunrise and sunset dimming cycles. Without smooth sunrise and sunset dimming, birds can become anxious with sudden drops and increases in lighting, especially with a sudden drop in light. Light intensity also plays an important role during the bird’s lifecycle, and nearly all birds breed during periods with longer day lengths as well as higher light intensity & energy availability. See graph below to gain an idea on how light intensity plays an important role for us and birds alike.

One lux (1 lux) of light is a measure of the light density, equivalent to 1 lumen per square metre (lm / m^2).

100,000Equatorial Clear Summer’s day
50,000 – 60,000U.K Clear Summer’s day in June
35,000 – 43,600Jungle dawn at 100% brightness 8w -80w
20,000 – 24,000Jungle dawn at 50% brightness 8w – 80w
10,000 – 25,000Ambient Daylight
1350 – 5500Prot5 UVB Lamp 8w -54w at 10” distance from lamp
1,000 – 5000Overcast day
500 -1000Most off the shelf standard LED lights at 100%
500Well-lit room
400-500Sunrise & sunset
15Street Light
1Full Moon

More information on Arcadia LED smart bars can be found by visiting Arcadia website https://www.arcadialumenize.com/jungledawn/

Additional information


290mm (18w), 470mm (24w), 580mm (39w), 870mm (54w), 1240mm (80w)


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