COMPETITION: Help us name different flocks of birds & win a prize (Click to find out how)

A Parliament of Owls, A Gaggle of Geese, A Murder of Crows & A Charm of Finches. These are some of the names given to a grouping of animal species, while some of these well known, some are not so well known such as a “Bellowing of Bullfinches” or a “Cast of Falcons.” There are also some species of animals/birds that have yet to be given a “Grouping” name, such as Budgies, Canaries & many species of Waxbills and other finches …. That’s where you come in!! We want you to help us name 10 species of birds without a group name and we will be giving away prizes for the winners.

Here is what we are giving away:

1st Place £25 Planet Aviary Voucher

2nd Place £20 Planet Aviary Voucher

3rd Pace £15 Planet Aviary Voucher

4th-10th Place £10 Planet Aviary Voucher

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How do I enter?


Step 1: “Like” our “Planet Aviary” Facebook page if you haven’t done so already.

Step 2: “Like” The “Naturally for Birds” Facebook page if you haven’ t done so already.

Step 3: This does not apply to existing customers (anyone who has ordered at least once with us) or anyone who has already registered a Planet Aviary account with us. For those of you who haven’t then simply share the competition link to your timeline or in a group. If you wish to share the competition to a group then please make sure that this is okay with the group before you share and only x1 share per group, so please make sure no one else has already shared the competition to the group.

To win any prizes in the competition you need to be from a country that we can ship to, this includes the U.K and Europe, sorry everybody else that this excludes.


What are the rules?

Simple! Only one entry per species of bird from our list of 10… This means you have up to 10 chances of winning so start getting creative! The competition ends 3pm Tuesday 4th July. IMPORTANT: only species of birds named on our “Planet Aviary” Facebook page will count as competition entries. Simply enter your suggested species group name on our Facebook page’s competition post. Vouchers will be issued via email to the luck winners on Friday 7th July. The winners will be announced on Tuesday 4th July. Vouchers will be valid until August 31st, 2017. To keep the competition in good spirits, we want to see at least x3 likes given out by you to other peoples competition entries.

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How do I win?

Whoever gets the most likes for a named species will win overall 1st prize and will get the privilege of naming that species group/flock. 2nd place will be picked from the next highest amount of likes from the reaming 9 species on our list. 3rd place will be picked from the next highest amount of likes from the 8-remaining species. And so on until all 10 winners are picked. In the event of a draw we will decide the winner based on the name we favour the best. Note you cannot suggest a name that has already been suggested so please check the list before you enter. If you suggest a name that has already be suggested then your entry for that species will be deleted…But you will get another go.

What are the species of bird in on the competition list?

Please see the table below to find out which birds we want you to help us name.


SpeciesGroup Name Named By Prize won
Gouldians Rainbow of Gouldains Michelleand Liam£10 Voucher
Canaries Chorus of Canaries Andy Chaney 1st £25 Voucher
Budgies Barrage of Budgies Adrian Walls 2nd £20 Voucher
Lavenders (waxbill) Scent of Lavenders Andy Chaney 3rd £15 Voucher
Strawberries (Waxbill) Punnet of Strawberries Ian Leck £10 Voucher
Black Cheeks (Waxbill) Coalmine of Black CheeksDuncan Bursell £10 Voucher
Grenadiers (Waxbill) Guard of Grenadiers Ian Armstrong £10 Voucher
Nuns (Waxbill) Sister Act of Nuns Adrian Walls £10 Voucher
Star Finches Constellation of Stars Duncan Bursell £10 Voucher
Hecks Grass Finches Herd of Hecks Greg Sercel £10 Voucher

Good Luck & Enjoy!