Whether you’re a bird keeper, breeder or an enthusiast, planet aviary has something to offer you…

Our Mission

Is to delve into the world of bird keeping by taking a look at what bird keepers across the world are doing in their bird rooms and aviaries. We will be sharing what we find in our blogs where we hope you, the reader, will enjoy the insight into how others run their set up. Whether it be an out of the ordinary aviary build, or innovate breeding techniques, If we can help one bird keeper to inspire another then our mission is complete.

Our Mantra

There is no greater teacher to learn from when it comes to bird husbandry than that of mother-nature. Here at planet aviary we believe the natural way is the right way and so we will be aiming to share and offer insight into how best we, as bird keepers, can mimic the natural environment for our birds.

Our Belief

Here at planet aviary we believe the physical and psychological wellbeing of our birds is of upmost importance. Therefore we will be taking every opportunity to promote the standards necessary for keeping healthy, and happy birds. Whether it be good hygiene practices or correct nutrition, we will aim to share with you what works and what doesn’t as well as all the pros and cons when it comes to choosing between different options for running a bird room/aviary set up.

Our Vision

As our knowledge and understanding of birds grow, so to must our ability in meeting the needs and requirements of our birds. Whether it is a better insight in our birds nutritional needs or the latest housing equipment that better suits our bird’s requirements, we aim to bring you only the best and carefully chosen foods and products in our planet aviary store.
About Planet Aviary

Planet aviary is brought to you by myself, Paul Bancroft. I am a third generation bird keeper who at the age of 4 was introduced to my first pet budgie “Bobby,” named after the comedian Bobby Davro. Although perhaps my choice of naming birds hasn’t improved much my experience in bird keeping has grown tremendously. I currently specialize in the housing and breeding of the Gouldian finch which has been my main passion since 2005. I also have experience in housing many other different species of bird, which include many of the Australian finches, waxbills, canaries and budgies. Each year my passion for birds grows, and having been through my own trials and tribulations over the years it is my wish that now, through Planet Aviary, to give something back to a hobby I love.

We invite you to discover the world of bird keeping with us and enjoy what planet aviary has to offer.

Paul Bancroft