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Waxbills Diet Part 1: Eggfood Recipe for Successful Breeding

Intro Any seasoned and dedicated bird breeder, will likely have tried several if not all the different types of commercial egg-foods over the years with varying success. Whilst some waxbill species can have a broad pallet and be willing to try and eat most things, many other waxbill species can…

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Our new Gouldian Finch Aviarium

Part 7: Our new Gouldian Aviarium

This is post 7 of 7 in the series “Gouldian Finch” Part 1: An introduction to the Gouldian finch Part 2: Gouldian finch housing Part 3: Gouldian finch diet Part 4: Gouldian finch breeding Part 5: Gouldian finch health care Part 6: my Gouldian finches Part 7: Our new Gouldian…

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Gouldian & Australian Finch Diet & Seed Mixtures

The Right Nutrition at the Right Time For the Gouldian Finch, and many other Australian Finches, the availability of food in their natural environment varies and changes throughout the year. But what sort of a role does this play in the birds’ lifecycle? In the birds’ natural environment of Australia…

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